At the heart of every discovery, every innovation, and every creative leap is a single, powerful force: curiosity.

Your superpower awaits!

Curiosity is the ultimate superpower. Our inquisitive nature helps us understand where we once didn't, gives us influence over creative expressions, and molds our future.

A curious journey is about more than seeking answers. Truly curious exploration gives us a profound appreciation for the questions themselves.

What is Ongoing About?

Ongoing looks at all sorts of topics, from the intricacies of learning and lifestyle to the dynamics of uncertainty and change. All with a curious outlook that looks to draw lessons from the past, stay grounded in the present, and navigate uncertain futures with an open, prepared mind.

If you're a thinker, a creator, an explorer, a tinkerer, a builder, an artist, a teacher, a learner, or someone who just darn well loves the idea of curiosity, Ongoing welcomes you. Hop on board!

This is called Ongoing because the journey doesn't stop. It’s more than a name, it’s a philosophy. Join us as we explore the past, interrogate the present, and imagine the possibilities of the future -- all through the lens of boundless curiosity.

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Explore beyond the horizon. See how a curious outlook is your superpower.


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